Helpful Tip              

        *Being more confused or forgetful.

        *Eating less. The refrigerator may be empty 
          or  contain spoiled food.                                      

        *Not bathing or shaving as often. Visitors  may 
          notice smell of  urine or stool. Clothes may be dirty 
          and wrinkled.

        *Not taking care of the home.                    

        *Stopping medicines or not taking  them correctly.

        *Withdrawing from others. Not talking as much, and not
           answering the phone or returning phone calls.
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"I enjoy Marcella's company. I only have good comments to say about her. She was prompt about her work. I trust her" 
  The late Sudie Douglas
  Fresno, Ca March 3, 2011

“Marcella has been loyal to me for six years. I no longer can do my house work because of my health;she does an excellent job of finishing tasks that needs to be done in the home as well outside of the home"
-Berdine Bishop Fresno, Ca 

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The National Institutes of Health recommend watching for these signs and symptoms of depression in the elderly.